Physical Disabilities

Our aim is to help people with physical disabilities to live an active, fulfilling and independent life in their own home and the local community.

We provide person centred support for people with a physical disability, limited mobility and sensory impairment. Our approach is to work in partnership with you, enabling you to live as full, active and independent life as possible providing support only when and where you need it.

We focus on what your goals and aspirations are not your disability. Our role is to provide the right level of support that enables you to achieve your ambitions. This could mean support for:

  • Living independently supporting everyday tasks including shopping, cooking, maintaining a home, bathing and dressing.
  • Health and wellbeing enabling you to be as active as possible, eat healthily, attend medical appointments and live a full and purposeful life.
  • Accessing the local community to manage day to day business or taking opportunities to learn, volunteer, work and pursue hobbies, activities and interests.
  • Relationships and friendships by supporting you to access social events or visit family or friends.

We expect that you will want to have a significant say in how, what, where and when your support is provided. As a flexible and responsive provider we are confident that we will be able to meet your needs from a few hours once a week to a full twenty four hour package.