Learning Disabilities

Our aim is to help people with learning disabilities to live an active, fulfilling and independent life in their own home and the local community.

To us you are an individual with your own unique personality. We take the time to build a relationship with you and identify people who can provide the best possible support to help you live as independently as possible.

We will promote and encourage you to create a person centred support plan. This tells us how you want to be supported, what you want to do, what you want to achieve and how we can support you in achieving your individual goals, aspirations and dreams. We focus on minimum intervention and maximum opportunity.

These are some of the ways in which we can provide practical and emotional support for:

  • Living independently supporting everyday tasks including cooking, shopping, maintaining a home, managing money, and attending to personal care needs.
  • Maintaining health and wellbeing by being as active as possible, eating well, having regular medical checks and someone to talk to about emotional issues.
  • Accessing the local community and opportunities for learning, volunteering and employment as well as pursuing hobbies, activities and interests.
  • Building and maintaining relationships and friendships in the local community and with your family.

We regularly review the support you are receiving to identify if any changes are needed. We consider it a success if a person is able to be more independent and no longer needs some of our support. Where support needs have increased or changed we will discuss how we can continue to meet your needs.