Older People

Our aim is to help older people to get the best out of life and feel a sense of wellbeing and contentment living in their own home and the local community.

We provide a unique care and support plan that works for each individual and focuses on a person’s needs, aspirations and desired lifestyle. For this reason we spend time getting to know our clients, understanding a person’s history, personality and personal preferences. We involve families and other important people in building a picture of each individual in line with people’s wishes.

A person’s past is very important to us and we respect the fact that people will have previously had an active role in the workplace, their home or in the local community and that increasing age does not mean that they are diminished as people. This information helps us to plan how we can best support people to be as independent as possible, feel happy and content and live a fulfilling life.

Our focus is on providing quality care whether it is for an hour once a week or providing a seven day service. We are flexible and responsive to people’s needs. Look at how we can support you.

We have the experience and expertise to provide care and support for people with more complex needs including: dementia, long term conditions, mobility problems and sensory impairments.

We guide people through our assessment and support planning process to arrive at a service that is individual to the person. Please contact us on 01704 823462 or use the contact form to make an appointment. We are able to meet you either in your home or at our local office to discuss either your own or family care needs.