Paying for Care

Purchasing Care from Us

You can purchase care using either your own money, Local Authority funding, NHS continuing healthcare funding or a combination of these options.

Self -Funding

You can liaise directly with us about your care needs and fund this from your own money without involving a third party.

Support from the Local Authority

You may be eligible to receive funding from your local authority to purchase your care.  They will carry out a needs assessment and if your needs match their criteria you may be entitled to get some or all of your care funded. They will then undertake a financial assessment to decide if you are eligible or whether you have to pay for some or all of your care.

If you are eligible for funded care from the local authority you have choice over who provides this care for you.  You can choose to take the local authority contribution as a Direct Payment.  The money will be paid into your bank account for you to manage and pay your choice of care provider direct.  Alternatively if you do not want to manage the funding yourself you can request that the local authority pays the money direct to your choice of care provider.  This is called an Individual Service Fund and it means that you still have choice over who provides your care without the bother of managing the money yourself.

Support from the NHS

If you have healthcare needs that can be met outside of a hospital setting you may be eligible for continuing healthcare funding from the NHS.  To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, you must have a primary health need and have a complex medical condition and substantial and ongoing care needs.

You can have greater control over how you spend this money by requesting a Personal Health Budget and a Direct Payment.  You can then purchase your own care from a provider of your choice.