About Us

Clear Care is an independent provider of social care services at the heart of communities in Central and West Lancashire including the many rural localities within this area.

We are focused on delivering high quality person centred services based on the individual needs of each person. We support people to live independently in their own home and access a wide range of services in their local community.

We work in partnership with people and their families or friends to develop a care and support plan that is right for each individual. Whilst we recognise that families are very important and will usually be closely involved in care decisions, we also appreciate that not everyone has a family or support network. Where this is the case we are able to provide additional support or identify other partners to provide assistance.

The care and support we provide is based on personal preferences and individual lifestyle choices and is unique to the person. We spend time getting to know people, understanding personal preferences and personality and how we can provide the right support to enable people to be independent and get the best out of life.

Please do read our Care Quality Commission report here: